ATI Westmecklenburg: Partner for Doers

We promote ideas and stimulate entrepreneurial spirit

ATI Westmecklenburg GmbH is a consulting company for business start-ups and entrepreneurs. If you plan to start-up your own company or want to grow with a start-up business you will get reliable and competent support with us. Personally, purposefully and effectively.

The acronym ATI stands for "Agency for Technology Transfer and Innovation Support". And indeed, in promoting your ideas we see our most important achievement. We pave the way for start-ups and open new doors for growing enterprises. Our special focus is on projects in innovative and technology-oriented fields.

Since our establishment on 1 January 2000 we have coached

  • more than 120 business start-ups,
  • more than 3,000 innovation projects by companies that have developed new products and processes and
  • eight thematic business networks in which companies have developed products through the utilisation of their synergies.


We are your Partner if you…

  • ... want to become self-employed in a technology-oriented area,
  • ... have ideas for product and process innovations in the drawer,
  • ... are looking for ideas for product or process innovation,
  • ... are looking for information on funding opportunities,
  • …need information on property rights,
  • ... need help with funding applications,
  • ... are looking for experience exchange and financially strong partners,
  • ... are looking for market data.

Many Costs Will Be Covered

In order to achieve your goals we work closely with strong partners such as the Chambers of Commerce and ministries. They also have an interest in ensuring that your business will be a success. Some of our work is funded by the EU and the Ministry of Labour, Building and Regional Development in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Therefore, we are able to offer you some services free of charge. If we work out feasibility studies or implementation concepts, examine financing methods or accompany the implementation for you the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (BMWi) bears up to 50 percent of the costs as we are authorized for the provision of such services by the BMWi.


We are engaged

In our basic start-up courses we have made ready almost 400 business start-ups for their business plans and their implementations since 2010. In addition, we have already conducted 15 Technolympiades for pupils and students in order to get them more inspired for technical issues. Moreover, with partners from Gdansk/Poland and Bornholm/Denmark we have planned and performed three international Technolympiades. And last but not least, we have organised the annual TGZ companies’ bowling for 15 years. We like to bring the companies into dialogue and to promote future cooperation.  

We are certified

ATI Westmecklenburg GmbH is TÜV-certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 for the following scopes:

  • Planning and development of project and educational services
  • Start-up and management consulting
  • Project and network management
  • Education management

We are members of the Federal Association of the SME sector. Under the BVMW-Hanse Ms Groth was awarded as 1st honourable businesswoman with the "Seal of Honour". Additionally, we are members of the Federal Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation (DTI). Ms Groth operates as their chairwoman.

Our Network of Consultants

Together with experts of our wide-ranging consultants’ network we accompany you during your start-up process.

Susanne Kritzner Accounting

Herr Stolz, Inventors‘ club Güstrow Bockhorst

Innovation Service Siegfried Greiner

Moreover, we cooperate with lawyers, patent attorneys and many professionals in our company as well as research institutions.


Company’s video

TÜV-certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Take advantage of the connections of our broad network
16 years of experience for your support
Many references and success strories

Contact person

Steffi Groth
general manager
0385 / 3993 - 777