Innovation and Growth Consulting

We assist you, so that lively and marketable ideas do not end up in a drawer. Our consulting includes, for instance, to carry out feasibility and market studies for you as well as to develop subsidy applications.

We save your bright ideas not to end up back in the drawer.

As an entrepreneur with ongoing business, you can consider yourself lucky if you have got your hands full. But what happens in the meantime with your great ideas for further developments, technical improvements and new business branches? Unfortunately, they all end up in the drawer very often. Most obsolete there. Or at worst, they are even implemented by their competitors.

The reasons are obvious: Most lack of time, money and personnel in order to take the profit-oriented ideas alongside other everyday tasks into their own hand.


We help concretely    

We undertake the examination of your ideas and carry out feasibility and market studies. We plan your R & D projects, find suitable financing programmes, develop applications and accompany complete projects.

Our Assistance is promoted

Up to 50 percent of the costs of our services, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy assumes (BMWi). The so-called "go-inno Innvoationsgutscheine" allows you to halve your spending on our support. The module "go-Inno" which encourages the preparation of technical product or process innovation as well as the professionalisation of your innovation management. Moreover, comparisons of variants, partner research or examination of financing opportunities are possible.


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