Business Game "Get Busi!"

Business principles easily learned

"Get Busi!" is the fastest way to explain economic processes and relationships easily understood and figuratively. You are wondering how to do that? The answer is simple, you only need a business simulation in the form of a board game. "Get Busi!" is a simulation game that simulates impressively and sustainably ongoing business operations of a service provider.


  • Everyone gets into the game quickly.
  • Previous business experience is not required.
  • The game makes fun.
  • It supports teamwork.

Experience Business Processes

As a participant you take over the management of a team and are confronted with typical business processes. You get to know how money and asset flow through the company and which consequences business decisions will have on the operating result, for instance, why a rejected job sometimes could be right. 

Furthermore, you will see how logical and comprehensible a balance suddenly can be and what exactly is your tax adviser doing.

Participation fee by arrangement.

Contact person

Steffi Groth
general manager
0385 / 3993 - 777